Top 5 Remodeling Projects

Posted by Linda Vorenkamp on Monday, August 14th, 2017 at 5:03pm.

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 Getting ready to put your house up on the market? Here are the Top 5 remodeling projects to boost your home value!

 Upgrade your Kitchen Cabinets

            This is probably an easily noticeable one. Walking into a kitchen, the cabinets will be one of the first things the future home buyers notice. Here are some refinishing tips to keep in mind if you’re wanting to boost the house value…Add glass door inserts, Install roll-out shelving, Add crown molding, Paint/Spice up the doors

New Garage Door

            This is one most don’t think of, but getting a new garage door will greatly boost your home value. The overall appeal and modest cost make this remodeling project easy and essential. There are several options to choose from as well… wood-look steel, glass window insets, and finishing colors will all do wonders to your garage.

Hardwood Floors

            Hardwood floors are a classic. Refinishing them is a simple task, and so is adding them if you have none. Here are the costs of this refinishing project to keep in mind…

                                    To refinish: $2,500                          To buy new: $5,500

New Roof

            Replacing your roof is a necessary upgrade when moving out of your home. Future home buyers might ask you, “When was the last time the roof has been touched up?” For you to say that it’s just been replaced, will immediately boost your home value! Here are some signs your roof really needs to be replaced: shingles are missing, bits of the asphalt are coming out of the downspout, sun is shining through attic, stains on ceilings and walls, and your energy bill is sky high. 

Upgraded Landscaping

            After giving your yard an overhaul, it’s important to touch everything up. You want your front and backyard to grab the eyes of the future home buyers, so start with adding some flowering shrubs. Put in some fresh mulch, add in a deciduous tree, maybe even a flagstone walkway, all to upgrade your yards!
All of these are quick, easy, and extremely important fixer-uppers to keep in mind when remodeling your home to put on the market. 

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