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One of the biggest stresses in life is buying a home, however, it can also be the biggest blessings. You want to make sure you are making an informed and correct decision. Knowing when to buy a home is a major decision, there a many things to consider when you are going through the process of deciding. Be sure to evaluate these main things.

Am I ready for such a long term commitment?

Be sure to consider the way this long term commitment will affect your family. You should understand all of the things that go into not only buying the home, but also moving in. Are you ready for such a big commitment?

Is my home move out ready?

One thing that many do not consider is that your home also has to be in

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Many home buyers do not know what sellers financing is, let alone that there is even such an option. Seller financing, also known as owner financing, is an option to buyers that involve receiving a loan from the owner, instead of going through the bank. This may seem ideal to homebuyers or even sellers for that matter. These types of agreements are ideal if the loan is going to be short term. Buyers might prefer this option if they are unable to receive a loan from the bank. This allows for the interest rate, time period, down payment, and default consequences to be agreed upon the buyer and seller. Depending on your financial situation, a buyer may not see this as their best option. For instance, the interest

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